Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Experiance While Riding

Today's ride was up 101 to Wallace Kneeland Blvd. in Shelton where I exited the hwy and rode over to Brockdale Rd. Where Brockdale turned, I continued straight and rode McReavy Rd. to the little town of Union on Hood Canal. That, in itself, was not a new experiance. Actually, I hadn't been to Hood Canal that way, nor had I ridden to HC and back in one day. But, still, that wasn't the new experiance. The new experiance was as I was exiting off Hwy 101 at Wallace Kneeland. A woman slows down as she is also exiting and asks me how to get to I-5 from here. She comes to a complete stop on the exit ramp and says she is trying to get to Tacoma (Wallace Kneeland Blvd. is the last exit for Shelton going north). I told her to move ahead and pull over. Turns out, she had been in Shelton and gotten on 101 at the City Center/Matlock entrance. She was trying to go Tacoma. First I told her she could go back to the City Center exit and take Hwy 3 to Gorst, then cross the Narrows Bridge to Tacoma. For some reason, she didn't want to go across the Narrows. So I told her she could just get back on 101 going south and stay on it until it merged onto I-5. That seemed to be what she wanted to do. Seemed like the long way to me. I've never had someone pull over and ask me directions when I've been riding. Let alone on the hwy.!
Anyway, it was a good ride. I was able to take my arm warmers and leg warmers off (still kept the vest on). Total miles for today: 83
Here's some pictures:

The Hood Canal Marina

Across the canal is Potlatch

Purdy Creek along Purdy Cut-Off Rd.

Purdy Cut-Off Rd. A very pleasant road with nice smooth pavement (no shoulder, but no traffic either).

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