Thursday, May 6, 2010

Too bad I'm not doing STP...

With yesterday and today's rides I would be ready to do STP in 2 days! Too bad I'm not doing STP! Today I headed north and did a fair amount of freeway riding. That freeway would be I-5. I got on at Mounts Rd. Got off at Center Drive. Got on again at Dupont Steilacoom. Got off at Ft. Lewis (just the bypass) and right back on. Got off at Berkeley and right back on. Then off at Thorn Lane. Why did I get on and off so much? It is easier and safer to get off at the off ramps and onramps than trying to cross them. Also, there isn't as much shoulder going under the overpasses. Anyway, I did the Perimeter Rd. to Spanaway like I did before then 507 back to Yelm. It was a total of 59 miles; all done after 1:00. All in all, a good day's ride! And, hey, I may not be doing STP, but I will be doing 30 days of 45 to 79 mile rides on my trip down to the California/ Mexico border. I think I'm ready for that too!

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