Saturday, August 14, 2010

Super Stealth Biker Woman!

This day's ride started very early. I met Amy at 6:30 then we rode to her friend's house where we added another rider. So, four of us. Incidently, on the way to Jill's house, we went past Twisted Donuts. How did I not know about this place??? Unfortunately, we didn't stop. Sure smelled good!
The four of us did Boston Harbor, Fishtrap Loop and the trail back. Jill and Kevin departed at the junction of Chehalis Western and the Woodland Trail. Amy and I continued on the Chehalis Western to the bridge where I saw my friend Bonnie walking her dogs. Said goodbye to Amy and stopped to talk to Bonnie. After awhile Bonnie and I continued on the trail, her walking, me riding slowly. We got to Horizons where I was going to turn for home and she was going to turn around. As we were talking, Tim came onto the trail without so much as a headnod. So, of course, I decided to follow him and see how long I could go before he noticed me. He was going the same way I had just come from. I caught up to him at the bridge and, for much of the time, was right on his rear wheel. When we got to the junction, I thought for sure he would look back and see me. Nope. When we got to the hairpin turn up to the I-5 bridge, I thought for sure he would see me behind him. Nope. We got all the way to Woodard Bay where he pulls over and eats lunch (Really? After 10 miles? Time for lunch? It was 11:00am.). I'm just hanging back about 20 feet. Still doesn't know it's me. He goes into the potty shack. I move so I'm directly in his line of sight. Still doesn't notice. Now he heads out on the road. I follow. Once again, I am about 18 inches off his rear wheel. It was nice drafting! We end up on Woodard Bay Road. I'm still following right behind him. He has glanced back a couple of times, but still doesn't know it's me. Even when we stopped at Boston Harbor Rd., he doesn't look back to see who is following him.
I followed him all the way to Eastbay Dr. As I was coming up to the turn to go around the bay to the Farmers' Market, I heard some Soba noodles call my name so I turned and went to the market. Tim continued on, oblivious.
When I got home, I told Nolan and Dillon. Nolan immediately told Tim. He said, "I knew someone was behind me." The question I have is: if you know someone is following you (for a rather lengthy time), wouldn't you turn around and say something? Or, at least get a good look at them? Maybe I am just Super Stealth Biker Woman!

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