Saturday, September 11, 2010

MS 150 Day 1--The Long One

Day 1 of the MS 150 is complete. It was 92 miles of reasonably decent weather. There was even some sunshine. The rain jacket came off at the second stop (we didn't stop at the first rest stop--it had only been 10 miles). The leg warmers came off at the lunch stop and the arm warmers were off at the second to last stop.
The ride started in Mount Vernon and went over the Deception Pass Bridge...twice! Many of the roads I had been on with Kyle last summer. However, the hills were much faster this time without all the panniers! There were all kinds of team costumes and jerseys. The Biking Vikings all had Viking horns on their helmets. The Garden Gnome team had fake beards (even the women) and little red pointy hats on top of their helmets. Favorite jersey has to be the Free Beer team. They are a drinking club with a
cycling problem. Also saw a new form of bicycle called an Elliptigo. Basically, the rider stands up on a sort of Elliptical machine with wheels. It looks like running.
As I am writing this, I am sitting in my van (note to self: next time bring a chair). Soon I will retire to my tent and promptly fall asleep. Except for the large number of trains that go by, the tent "city" is pretty good. The gal next to me has an even bigger tent than mine and she is the only one in it.
Today, Tony and I pretty much stuck together. Amy and Jill did the 74 mile route and Anne did 59. Tomorrow we are all supposed to be doing the 70 mile route which will take us along Chuckanut Drive near Bellingham. Could be pretty if it doesn't rain. Weather forecast says 50% chance of rain (that's a failing grade if you ask me). It is starting to rain now. 70 miles in raingear--what a treat!

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