Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wet Day 2 of MS Ride and Pics

Day 2 of the MS ride started and ended with rain. Oh, and with rain in the middle too! There were only about 5 miles in the last 10 miles where it had stopped raining for a short time. I, however, was prepared for the rain with full raingear so I was just fine. Others were not so outfitted. Amy was riding in shorts. Brrrrr!! Jill sagged with Tony's wife Dawn after the second rest stop. She was freezing.
After the lunch stop at Larrabe State Park, Tony commented that Chuckanut Dr. should really be called...well, substitute another letter for the "Ch" and...you get the picture. Still, I could see how the scenic the road would be if it weren't for the rain. Guess I'll just have to do it again on a nicer day.
At the last rest stop Jill rejoined us for the last 10 miles. I finished before everyone else (just ready to be done and I guess not that much of a team player).
Weather aside, it was a good two days on a VERY well supported ride.
Here's some pictures. Most from the first day since my camera doesn't like to get wet.

Just a few people at the start of Day 1
Tony and I before the Deception Pass Bridge
One of the "Biking Vikings"

Guy on the ElliptiGo--a stand up, 8 speed bike.

The view from Chuckanut Dr.

The Day 2 Finishers Amy, Anne, Jill and Tony

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