Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Quite What I Planned (or Check Another Subway Off the List)

The weather was supposed to be fabulous today--all summerlike. So, I thought a nice long ride was in order. I ended up not leaving until 10:45. My plan was to ride north following the RAPSODY route (2nd day). I figured I'd ride to Steilacoom then along the water and up Chamber's Canyon Rd. From there I would depart from the RAPSODY route and pick up two short bike paths (Grandview and Soundview Trails) then ride home. I didn't really know how many miles it would be, but it was supposed to be nice so, no matter.

My first change of plans came when the RAPSODY route turned right onto Washington Blvd. Instead of left as it had the year I did it. I thought, oh well, I'll see where it went this year. I remained on Washington Blvd. until a left onto, I think, Interlaken. I followed Interlaken as it wound around and went over the Interlaken Bridge (kinda cool actually). It finally spit me out onto Mt. Tacoma Dr. Which took me toward Bridgeport Way and Gravelly Lake Dr. At this point, the route took another left. Since I was hungry and I'd already ridden 25 miles, I decided lunch would be good. I used a new app on my phone to find a Subway ( .36 miles away on Gravelly Lake Dr.) and rode there. After lunch I decided to head home. Besides, it was stil overcast and only about 55 degrees. So much for the nice weather!

I rode Gravelly Lake Dr. to 112th then cut over to Bridgeport Way (don't ask me why I got off Gravelly Lake. I knew it would take me to the exact same place. There was no bike lane on Bridgeport (cyclists are allowed the full lane on Gravelly Lake). There was, however, a newly paved bike lane on Pacific (which I turned onto from Bridgeport). Anyway, I got on I-5 at Gravelly Lake. Got off at Thorne and rode Union Ave. to Berkeley and got back on I-5. I rode past Ft. Lewis (now the JBLM) and got off at the Dupont/Steilacoom exit. After eating an ice cream cone (chocolate dipped, of course) in Dupont (or is it called Northwest Landing) the sun finally came out and I was able to switch to the sunglass lens and take off my jacket. I rode all the way in on Pacific to the trailhead at Woodland Park. Then I took the Woodland Trail to Chehalis Western and rode home for a total of 54.4 miles. I didn't quite make it to the two trails. Guess I'll save that for another day (perhaps one where I start a little earlier and the weather is a little nicer).

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