Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back to Night Riding

In order to save up for next summer's adventures, I am trying to ride Stella as much as possible. For every mile I ride instead of drive, I put away $.50. Consequently, I've been doing some night riding to various meetings. I used to ride at night all the time when I was teaching at the Y. I had forgotten how much I like riding in the dark. It's quieter and typically, there is less traffic. I have, not one, but two really good headlights. I also have two rear strobe flashers and, of course, all the reflector stuff. I've been told I'm pretty visible.
For the first time in all my nighttime riding, I had a dog come after me barking (I think it was a German Shepherd). At first I just looked at him (or her--it could be a her) and just kept riding. When the dog kept chasing, I yelled in my super-loud-I-mean-it voice, "GO HOME!!!". As what usually happens, the dog pealed off and turned around. So far, that has worked every time.
Anyway, it's nice to be doing more night riding (well, except when it's raining...). #

Never a bad day to ride!

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