Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Discovery and a New Road

Finally, a sunny day! I know I shouldn't complain about the rain since we had such nice weather in September and the first part of October. However, it was nice to see the sun again.
Today I headed south on the trail. At Rainier, I got off the trail and headed east on Centre St. Centre becomes 148th not too far out of town. As I was riding along 148th, Mt. Rainier was looming straight ahead. It seemed so close (and yet so far)! I finally got where I had a pretty clear shot for a picture. As I was preparing to take a picture with my iPhone, I was lamenting the fact that there isn't a zoom. Then I thought, maybe if I tap the screen, it will make it bigger like when I am looking at pictures and want to see a closer view. Lo and behold, a slider comes on the screen so I can zoom in! How is it I've had this phone for almost 2 years and I'm just figuring this out??? Geez! What else don't I know? Maybe I should get that book IPhone for Dummies! Anyway, it's a great discovery for me.

After I took the photo, I continued down 148th. I passed a road called Morris and thought, hmmm...I wonder where that road goes? I decided to find out. I kind of had an idea because I was almost to where I would have turned left onto Vail Rd. Morris seemed to parallel Vail. Another good reason for going on Morris was because the last time Leandra and I had ridden Vail we just about got wiped off the road by a stupid truck (truck not stupid--driver stupid). There was much less traffic on Morris. I figured it would spit me out somewhere in Yelm. That was good because I wanted Subway for lunch!

Sure enough, Morris ended at Bald Hills Rd. in Yelm; the same road I would have turned onto after Vail.

I went to Subway then took the trail back to Rainier, where I got off and went the other way on Centre. Then, I took the road home.

Total miles: 43.9

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Levonne said...

Hi Super Biker Woman! Thanks for following A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. I love your blog and your adventures in cycling. The picture in your post today looks like a beautiful pastel painting. Lovely what those iphones can do! Take care...