Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Beautiful Full...I Mean Fall Ride

Today was supposed to be 90% chance of rain. Well, that means 10% chance of no rain. That, in my book, is a failing grade. But, as you can see from the photo, the day turned out to be nice. Of course, that's because Leandra and I wore full raingear. At least I was able to remove mine and be quite comfortable.
We rode south to my favorite take-myself-to-lunch place, Berry Fields Cafe in Centralia. We both had what I like to call the "side-ache" sandwich. It's actually the crab and provolone on sourdough. It's a grilled sandwich and is oh so delicious. I call it the side-ache sandwich because it's so rich that I always get a side-ache when I'm riding home. Of course, the maple nut cake for dessert doesn't help!
After our massive lunch, we were riding back on 507 and we decided to go up Zenkner Valley Rd. I've only gone that way once and from the other direction. It was a beautiful alternative route if not a bit hilly. We both felt the effects of our big lunch on the hills! No hurling occured though! The photo was taken from the top of one of the hills looking down into the valley. The ride down Flumerfelt Rd. was fun. I'd remembered that was quite a climb up the last time I was on that road.
Since it was such a nice afternoon, we took the trail back which made the ride 65 miles for me and about 73 for Leandra. to think, we weren't going to even go...

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