Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I've Been Counted...4 Times!

Yesterday I was riding around town (well, to the Westside and back in a big loop) running an errand on Stella. As I was on my way home, coming through downtown, I rode over one of those things they put across the road to count cars. Only, this was just in the bike lane. I thought, "Cool, they're counting bikes!". After going through downtown and heading onto the I-5 trail, I rode over another one. Then I got on the Woodland Trail and rode over another one! Now, I've been counted three times!
After dinner I had a meeting that I, of course, rode to. On the way home, on a different route than I had gone earlier in the day, I was counted yet again! So, four times in four different places in one day! Not bad! Now, if everyone would get out on bikes and be counted, think what message that would send to the people responsible for planning bike friendly roads and trails!

Never a bad day to ride!

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