Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Riding Out the Last of the Good Weather

Yet another sunny day! Although, according to the weather report, this is the last of it for awhile. I finally got in one good long ride of 55.4 miles. Even though it was sunny, it was still pretty chilly when I left the house at 9:30. Ahhh, how the sun felt good as it was absorbed into the black tights! Then it was back to brrrrsville in the shade.

Today's loop was home to Tenino on the trail. Then, Tenino to Rochester on Hwy 99 and US 12. I came north from Rochester up Littlerock Rd. to Tumwater. I stopped at Costco in Tumwater and picked up a few things. I had put a small pannier on the rear just for that reason. Then it was on to home.

When I was on the trail to Tenino, I came to a section the worker guys were still clearing. I was able to maneuver through the debris okay. One of the guys did move a branch for me so I could get through.

Upon arriving in Tenino at the ball fields, I was in need of the restroom facilities. They were locked. However, there was a worker guy there so I asked him if he had a key to the restroom. He did, so, yay for me (or should I say yay for pee)!

I had lunch at Subway in Rochester. As I was heading back north, I noticed the clouds were starting to roll in. I made it home with no rain, but what started out as all blue sky and sunshine, ended with mostly cloudy skies. I guess the weather forecast was correct. This little teaser of spring was nice while it lasted.

Miles today: 55.4
Days until New Zealand: 9!!!

Here's a photo of the frosty trail near McIntosh Lake.

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