Thursday, February 9, 2012

T-minus 1 Week!

I can't believe there is only one week to go before Leandra and I leave for New Zealand! Most everything has been packed and repacked (once for on-the-bike configuration and weight check, and once for the plane). The last few items to go in are things I'm still using. I have made a small post-it note to remind me not to forget the things that are still on Stella such as the bike lock and multi-tool. They will pack into the front pannier, then the pannier will be packed into the Chinese shopping bag. Thus, consolidating my luggage down to the bike and Chinese shopping bag to be checked, and one rear pannier and small rucksack (containing my handlebar bag, iPad and helmet) to be carried on the plane.

As for weight, the two rear panniers are 15 lbs each. The stack (tent, camp stool, spare shoes and the bag holding sleeping bag, pad, liner, towel, pillow and rucksack) is 17 lbs. Without food or fuel, the front panniers and handlebar bag, together weigh 10 lbs. The bike and the bag and packing materials weigh 33 lbs. So, total, once I add probably 5 or so pounds of food and fuel, will be about 95 lbs. I never said I was a light traveler! I'm sure Betsy is up for the task.

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