Thursday, February 2, 2012

Success Going South!

I was just going to ride to the Westside of town to run a couple of errands. Then the sun came out. I did my errands then came back through downtown to hit the Woodland Trail. I wanted to see if it had been cleared. It was smooth riding all the way to the junction with the Chehalis Western Trail. Of course, I knew CW was clear as I had already been that way (see earlier post). When I got to the bridge over Yelm Hwy, I opted to keep going on the trail. The tree that had been blocking most of the trail in the direction I was heading had been cleared as well.

I got to the next trail access at 67th. Did I mention the sun was shining? Yep, still wasn't ready to turn for home. I wondered, would the trail have been cleared to the train tracks? Indeed it was (a little junky in places, but evidence of chainsaw action). I took the dirt and gravel path over to Rainier Rd. Back up onto the trail from Rainier Rd, I wasn't too worried about the trail being blocked anymore. Sure enough, all those downed trees from my last foray were cut up and cleared to the side. There were still some spots that could have used a broom, but all was easily rolled over.

When I got to where the trail runs along the Deschutes River, I was surprised there was not any more debris in the river than had been there before.

The section of the trail I refer to as "Ferngully" because of all the ferns on the hillsides and the shade from the canopy of leaves, is not going to be quite so shady come summertime. Lots of branches and trees down through there.

I continued on because...THE SUN WAS SHINING! Finally, when I reached the place where the railroad spike monument is, I turned around and headed for home. I'm confident the rest of the trail is also clear.

Miles: 33.8
Weather: 50 degrees and...SUNNY!

Second photo is of "Ferngully".


Trevor said...

What a difference a spot of sunshine can make to a ride.. eh Colleen?


Colleen said...

Heaven I tell ya! Pure heaven!