Saturday, May 19, 2012

Millersylvania Shakedown Deux

Yes, this is my second time to do a shakedown ride to Millersylvania. The first was in '09 with Julie before our Oregon Coast trip. This time I'm with Carol who will be doing the Olympic Penninsula ride with Christian and I (Christian is not here because, of course, he lives in Germany!).

We took the longish route here of 27 miles (via the trail to Tenino). We saw all the alpacas along Old Hwy 99. It was somewhat sunny, but not terribly warm.

After lunch at Subway in Tenino, we arrived at the park at 2:45 (left home at 10:40). Since its Friday, there are a number of other campers at the park (mostly motor homes though). We have the entire Hiker/Biker area to ourselves. One nice thing about Washington State Parks is the fee charged is per site not per person. So, Carol and I each only paid $6.

We set up our tents, then walked down to the lake. At the fishing dock, there was a mama duck and 10 little ducklings. They were so cute, but I had forgotten to bring my camera with me on the walk (what's with that? I always have my camera with me!). I even went back with my camera, but the baby duck show was over.

We cooked an awesome dinner of pasta with reconstituted marinara sauce. We put shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, and spinach in with the pasta. We also had some broccoli and I had an avocado. It was all quite delicious!

It's great to be back in my tent again. I've spent so many nights in here that it really is my second home! It is supposed to get pretty cold tonight (in the 30s). Fortunately, I brought my sleeping bag liner and my warm woollies.

Tomorrow we'll have a leisurely ride back. Probably eating lunch at Subway again.

Here's a few usual, they are out of order (wish I could figure out why this app does that).

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