Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strangely The Same, But Different

Day 2 of the Millersylvania Shakedown.

Wowza! It was cold last night! Fortunately, I was snug and warm in my little tent in the forest (I bet those little baby ducks were snuggled up to the mama!). I slept with my polar buff and my Possum/Merino gloves. I was cocooned in the thermal liner inside my down sleeping bag. Yep, nice and warm...until I had know...pee. Then it was out into the cold...arrrggg!

The day dawned sunny. It was just a matter of waiting for the sun to chase away the cold temps. Carol and I fixed our breakfasts of oatmeal, muesli, and fruit. My experiment of just adding boiling water to the muesli and letting it sit for a bit worked just fine (usually, at home, I cook it).

In no great hurry, we packed up our stuff. We got on the road at 10:00. We had originally planned to go back the way we came. Instead we decided to make a loop of it. We headed back south to Maytown Rd., then west to Case Rd. At Case Rd. we headed north to 113th. Then it was over to Littlerock Rd. and back into Tumwater. We stopped at Subway for lunch (but, of course--Carol is as enamored with Subway as I am). From there I realized we only had 8 miles to go if we went the shortest way making for just a 20 mile day. Carol had asked about the Farmers' Market, so we decided to ride down there. We came down along Capitol Lake (Carol said she felt like she was really touring) and over to the Market.

We locked up the bikes and strolled around the Farmers' Market. I bought some Pink Lady apples and some granola. From the Market, we rode over to the Woodland Trail and home from there. When we got home we had gone, within a couple of tenths, the same distance as yesterday only a completely different way.

The shakedown was successful all the way around. Carol now knows she can ride her Bike Friday fully loaded with ease (I knew she could--she just wasn't convinced). Dinner and breakfast were both successes. Surviving the cold was even a success (although, hopefully, we won't experience such cold temps in June and July).

Here's just a couple of photos. One is Carol swapping from her Showers Pass jacket into her light shell (it warmed up nicely). The other is Betsy at the Market.

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