Monday, May 7, 2012

Pack Mule-Cheetah-Pack mule

Ahhh...a nice sunny day! Great day for a ride...but...first I needed to go pick up my jacket I left at Panorama yesterday. And, I really needed to go to the grocery store. No problem! I'd pull Mr. Ives to Panorama, pick up the jacket, then ride back to the grocery store. Then, after that was done I would go for a ride. So, that's what I did. Except, on the way back from picking up the jacket, I passed two friends going the other direction on their road bikes. I went back to say hi. They said I should come along. Pulling the trailer? I don't think so! Instead I said we could ride back to my house where I could change into actual biking clothes and swap Stella and Mr. Ives for my road bike. They agreed, so back we went to my house where I, presto-chango, got into road biking clothes and grabbed a water bottle.

We did a nice 32 miler out to Woodard Bay and took the road back into town where we stopped at Bayview Thriftway for some lunch. A nice ride around the lake, and we were back to Amy's by 12:45.

However, I still hadn't gone grocery shopping. So, when I got home, I just stayed in my bike clothes and went to the store on Stella.

I went from the pack mule (Stella--but don't tell her I called her a pack mule) to the cheetah (Star--my Trek) and back to the pack mule! A great day (although Betsy, the Little Red Bike Friday was feeling left out) for multiple bikes riding!

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