Saturday, September 1, 2012

Princess Bandaids for my Boo Boos

Once again I didn't have many miles to go today since I was taking boat ride #18 from Orcas Island to Anacortes (which is still on an island--Fidelgo). I leisurely packed up my stuff and rode the mostly downhill ride back to Eastsound. Yesterday I stopped at a pie place. This morning I decided to share the wealth and stopped at the bakery. Truth is, I wanted to stop at the bakery yesterday, but it was closed. Today it was open so I was able to stop in for a mid-morning snack. I had a delicious caramel pecan bun and some orange juice.

After the bakery, I rode over to the library and posted yesterday's blog. After that I headed out of town for the ferry. My plan was to catch the 2:20 ferry, but I ended up getting to the ferry terminal just as bikes were loading for the 12:05 ferry. I figured I may as well take that one. I called and left a message for my CouchSurfing hosts that I was taking an earlier ferry. It didn't really matter to me if they were home or not because I could just hang out at the park next to their house. Which is what I did.

When my hosts got home, I wheeled Betsy over to their house. First I met Olivia, their darling little three year old daughter. She invited me in the house so she could take me to the backyard and see her chickens. She is a "chicken whisperer". She just walked right into the coop and picked up "Frizzle" (a little black bantam). She handed Frizzle to me but Frizzle was not too keen on me holding her.

Olivia noticed the scrapes on my leg from tipping the bike over on my way to Victoria. She thought I should have bandaids for my boo boos. I told her they were okay now, but she told me she had princess Bandaids. Well, I couldn't turn down a princess bandaid!
It was determined I needed three Bandaids for my various boo boos. Now I have three princess Bandaids covering the boo boos on my leg.

Later while the pizza was cooking for our dinner, we went to the children's park next door. It is an awesome park with a great kid's playground.

Once again I have lucked upon a great CouchSurf experience. The Conovers couldn't be nicer (and I adore little Olivia)! David even introduced me to "Honey Boo Boo", a reality show of epic proportions!

Anyway, tomorrow I head for Port Townsend and my last boat ride of the trip. Then I'll be home in a few short days (okay, actually, two medium days and one long day).

The first photo below is of Olivia's chickens. The second is a leaf I saw in the bushes at my campsite.

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