Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 73--The Original Eau d' Cologne...

Or, Köln in Deutsch. 

Christian Carl, and I left at the same time this morning. Here's a photo of Carl.
Great guy! He'll be a great dad too (baby boy due in October)!

Of course, Carl went the other way from Christian and I. Christian and I headed up the Rhein.
Ready to go.

The first city we came to was Köln...or, Cologne. In Köln, is the big Köln Dom. 

It really is quite impressive, inside and out. I even felt compelled to get just one more snowglobe (that's it though, no more!).

After the Dom, we found a Bäckerei for our mid-morning snack. Then, it was back to the river, and the Rhein Radweg. We pretty much followed the river all day. At about 12:45, we found a place for Christian to get lunch. I was so thirsty (it was very warm and humid), I bought two bottles of Pepsi (nice and cold). 

We mostly avoided Bonn, but there was some strange festival going on by the river. Young people were dressed in very odd costumes.

We didn't stop to find out what it was.

In Remegan, we came to the bridge that, during WWII, was built with the idea that it could be destroyed if need be. But, when Hitler ordered it blown up, to keep the Americans from gaining control, it wouldn't fall. They tried many things, but the bridge remained standing. Eventually, the bridge, weakened from all the attempts, collapsed. Sadly, many soldiers were killed when it collapsed.

All that remains are the towers on each side of the river (it was also a rail bridge. The railway went through the mountain). The towers on the side we are on is a museum. I went in, but Christian stayed outside with the bikes. Here's a photo of a photo showing the bridge before collapsing.
I think this photo was taken from a cave above the bridge on the other side of the river.

From the bridge it was less than a kilometer to the Campingplatz. We set up our tents, then went to the Supermarkt for dinner stuff. 

Now, a thunder storm has rolled in, and I'm typing this in my tent. I'd rather sit outside, even in the rain, as it is very warm in here. However, iPads and rain don't mix (just like thunderstorms and swimming pools--there's a pool next to the Campingplatz, and they just made an announcement that, I'm assuming, is telling everyone to get out of the pool). 

...Okay, the rain has stopped and I have gone for a shower. I, ceremoniously, pitched my bike shorts with the hole in the butt, into the trash. I won't need them anymore as I have a pair for tomorrow, and the next night. After that, I'll be back in Mainz.

Total miles for today: 57

Here's a parting shot from near the Dom in Köln.
Of course it is! Super Biker Woman was here!

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