Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 76--Barfing on My Last Day

At least I didn't have to ride my bike!

This morning I packed Betsy into her suitcase. For the first time, I was able to close the lid on the first try! Afterward, Christian and I walked to the Supermarkt to get some things for the party tonight. On the way back, we stopped at Pizza Boy and got some lunch to bring back to Christian's apartment. I got cheese and spinach "panini". It was 6 little 2-bite size rolls (think pizza rolls). They were tasty (on the way down, anyway).

Awhile after lunch, we went for a walk to the Old Brick Works. It's where they used to make bricks (duh...).
On the way.
Inside the brick works.
Now a bike repair place where people can come and learn to repair their bikes.

About the time we got to the brick place, my stomach started to feel funny. It quickly progressed to a feeling I am familiar with. I told Christian we needed to go back, I did not feel well. We had about the same distance back as we had come, but it sure seemed longer. As soon as we got back to Christian's apartment (I made it to the toilet), I was sick. The lunch, clearly, didn't agree with me! 

Once I had gotten rid of the contents of my stomach, I took Benedryl and Zantac. I laid down for awhile. After about an hour, I felt better. I'm just glad I was never sick like that while I was still touring! It's another good reason to eat food I buy in the Supermarkt. 

Four of Christian's friends came over in the evening. Karin, Hinnerk, Andrea, and Maria. It was a nice evening. We watched a slide show of Christian's photos of our part together. It brought back great memories.
Maria, Christian, Hinnerk, Karin, and Andrea

I'm waiting now to be able to check-in for my flight tomorrow and choose my seat. I can only do it within 12 hours of my flight if I don't want to pay to choose my seat.

Tomorrow I leave Germany at 10:15, and arrive home at noon. Somehow I think it will seem like much more than 2 hours and 45 minutes (the flight is actually 10 hours and 45 minutes)!

Betsy all packed up!

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