Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 14--A Day Off...of Sorts

The climb this morning that everyone had told me was so bad, was not bad at all. In fact, there was construction, and I had the whole road to myself for a good chunk of it.
Didn't even need the one lane as they did not let any cars through until I reached the end of the construction.

I passed this sign before starting the climb.
Hmmm...I never knew...

It was just about 12 miles to the heart of McCall. I stopped first for some groceries, then at the Visitor's Center I asked where there was an eye clinic. It was just around the corner. I went there and asked the gal if she could fix my prescription adaptor for my bike glasses. She said she could. About 20 minutes later it was as good as new, and only cost me $5.00! After that, I rode to Ponderosa State Park. I had originally planned to stay at the Super 8, but the park is very close. However, it is the most expensive camping at $35.00! Well, it's still cheaper than a motel. I told the gal that I was glad I got here early, so I could get my money's worth!

I set up my tent, unhooked the trailer, and rode back into town for wifi. The park has wifi, but it is sporadic. I also wanted to go to a bike shop (forgot to do that when I was in town) to get more chamois cream.

When I came back, I decided to go for a swim in Payette Lake. Here's a photo of the lake.
This is the swimming beach. I'm not sure it can really be classified as a beach since the beach part is about a 1 foot strip! The water was quite choppy due to the wind and the boats and jet skis. There was a woman going out on a jet ski. She was clearly not experienced as she proceeded to tip the thing over not far from where she started. The guy had to get a ride out to her on another jet ski. He couldn't right the thing either. They finally towed it back to shore with the other jet ski. Who knew they were so difficult?

When I got back from swimming, I put the spare tire on the rear. The other one was looking definitely worn (but not completely--probably would be fine). This time I got the rear wheel back on fairly quickly. 

The rest of the time, I've just been relaxing. Tomorrow I hit the dirt!

Total miles today (to McCall, and around town): 18.3
Average: 7.03


Jeff said...

Hey Colleen! Wow it is so fun to read your adventures. Having ridden with you multiple times... It just makes reading of your trip... That much more fun!!

Is it possible to post to Strava as well? The Strava maps would be a plus!

Trevor Woodford said...

Enjoying following your journey Colleen......