Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 8--Because I Can!

Last night, after being declined twice by CouchSurf hosts, Jean-Paul and I decided we would share a hotel room in Walla Walla. I wasn't too enthusiastic about this idea because I didn't really want to stay in a hotel, and I wasn't too sure about Jean-Paul. In fact, overnight I was thinking of how I could get out of the plan. Welł, I needn't have worried, because we changed our plan. I'll get to that in a minute. 

Because I had the option of paying for last night in the morning, I did that. I went up to the office on my way out. Bob was there. I said I needed to pay. He said, "Didn't you pay yesterday? Oh no, that's right, you didn't. Welł, have a nice day and be safe out there." So, another free night of camping!

Jean-Paul and I hit the road at about 7:30. Once we were out of Umatilla, we were on Highway 730. It had a good shoulder, but a fair amount of big truck traffic. There was almost no wind at first.
Me and Jean-Paul riding along.
Jean-Paul from behind. Note only rear panniers and rack bag.

Last night Jean-Paul said we would ride together to Walla Walla. I told him I would be slow. He said it was okay. Well, I was actually faster! Okay, okay...he is quite a bit older than me (he's 71), but still...I told him tonight that the reason I carry all the weight is, because I can!

Anyway, we were making good time, having done more than 20 miles before 9:30. We stopped to take a break as we came back into Washington. Jean-Paul said he would probably not stay in Walla Walla. I was thinking I wouldn't either. At the rate were we're going, I thought I could make it to Lewis and Clark Trail State Park on the other side of Waitsburg. That would be about 80 miles. So we changed our plan and I was happy. 
Back in Washington 

Here's a couple more photos before we left the river.

Interesting rock.

At about 11:30, we pulled into Touchet. There was a mini-mart there. We took a break. I had ice cream and a Gatorade. Jean-Paul had a big bottle of Dr. Pepper and two Nestle Crunch bars. The dude does like his sugar! 

We had 17 more miles to Walla Walla. We went by the Whitman Mission turnoff, but didn't go. Here's some info about it.
The actual Historic Site was a ways off the route.

In Walla Walla we had lunch at Subway (Jean-Paul was agreeable). After lunch J-P went to the bike shop across the street and bought a new tire. His tires are good, I think he just wanted a spare. Then, I wanted to restock groceries, but J-P wanted to wait until Waitsburg. So, I told him to go ahead, I would see him at the park. I went to Safeway.

It was about 16 miles from WW to Waitsburg. There was a long climb, but then a long downhill. As I came into Waitsburg, I saw this curious "horse".
He was the only horse in the pasture that looked like a camel. Apparently, it's name is Izzy (Izzy a horse? I don't think so!).

The rest of the ride was uneventful. I found J-P at the park and we are in the Primitive Sites. We split the cost of one site. So far, that makes 4 nights of free camping, 2 nights of paying half, and 2 nights of paying the full price. Not too bad!

Total miles today: 80.4
Average: 10.8 (a new high!)

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Janee said...

Declined by couch surf hosts? They clearly don't know what they are missing out on! It sounds and looks like a beautiful trip. x