Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Fat Girl Waits Patiently

Tomorrow is the day! My stuff is packed (except for a couple of last minute things), and Mama Cass waits patiently in the garage for our roll out tomorrow morning at 8:00am. Based on someone's blog I read (who also pulls a BOB trailer), I have ziptied Johnny P's spare tire under him. It fits there perfectly.

As for my stuff, I tried to limit it, but I'm not very good at that. I know I have too much food, but that is always the case when I start a tour (you know, it's cheaper to buy Payday bars in the 6-pack). I'll settle into a reasonable amount after the first couple of days. 
See the grey and yellow dry bag? That's food. See the two black dry bags standing up? That's also food. Heaven forbid I should feel a twinge of hunger!

Anyway, one more night's sleep and I'm out the door! Oh yeah, my rough itinerary is this:
Home to McCall, Idaho--2 weeks
Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route-–2 weeks
McCall to Spokane, WA--8 days
Drive to Plain, WA with Annette and stay at Lorraine's cabin--1 week
Plain to Home via Ellensburg and the John Wayne Pioneer Trail--5 days
I have a few cushion days between home and Spokane. Should be home August 4th or 5th.


Marsha said...

Have a great trip! (And too many Paydays? Not possible...)

Marsha said...
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