Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 49--Just Git 'Er Done!

I set a new distance record for one day of touring on my last day. It wasn't supposed to be my last day, but I just decided to git 'er done! 

I got on the road at 6:45. I guess I shouldn't say I got on the "road". It was really the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.
It started at the trailhead where I camped (stealthily, but with permission). The sign at the trailhead said it was 7.2 miles one way to North Bend, but it never went into North Bend. 

I was riding along, saying hello to the cows on the trail...yes, on the trail.
Whoa Bessie...that's a good cow. Get off the trail little doggie.

I came to a bridge, and it appeared the trail ended. 
It was the end, and the only way down was these stairs.
This did not make me happy! I had to unhook Johnny P, carry Mama Cass down the stairs, then back JP down, and reconnect everything. I was now on the road, but only for a short section. I was following Garmin's directions. I came to a road that was under construction...and closed. I rode through it anyway as I noticed I would be turning off of it shortly. Except, the part I was turning onto was also closed. None of the workers had stopped me yet, so I kept going. Then one of them says, "You know this road is closed right?" I said I did, but I was just going a short way to get back on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (according to Garmin). He said there was a detour that everyone had to use now because they were tearing up the road. I looked ahead and could see the road was not torn up yet. Finally I told him I was on my way to Vashon Island. Then he understood, and said, "Oh, this is a one-time deal. Go ahead."

Garmin said to turn left onto Snoqualmie Valley Trail. The left was down a steep loose gravel trail down to the trail below.
See the skid marks of MC's tires from sliding down? I was glad that I didn't have to try and go up it!

I was back on the trail for a few more miles, then I went on the road to head to Fall City. Except, I didn't know that's where I was going. When I came to the roundabout, I realized where I was. Two years ago when I was riding back from the cabin, I had stayed at the City Park across the street. So, I was going the same way as before...for awhile. Garmin took me a different way than Google Maps did the last time. I ultimately ended up in the same place though. In Sammamish I got on the Pickering Trail. Never heard of that one? Me neither. It was short, and took me to the I-90 Trail.

I went over the bridge to Seattle.
I think I took this same photo last time!

This time when I got to the other side, I got to go through the I-90 bike tunnel.
Okay, it's not as big of a deal as THE TUNNEL!!!, but it was pretty cool (the art was nice).

After the tunnel, I was on more of the I-90 bike path. For those familiar with Seattle, you know where I-5 goes by Safeco Field and Century Link? There's all those overpasses (some of which I still think go nowhere)? Well, amidst all that, there's a bike path!
Amazing! I never knew this path existed!

I eventually popped out in South Seattle. Since I was going to the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, I had to go over the West Seattle Bridge. Of course, there was a bike path for that too! 

When I got to the other side, Garmin was telling me to go left, but I really thought I could take the Alki Trail. I asked another cyclist, and he said I could, and it would be much flatter (but longer). I've always wanted to ride around Alki, so I went that way. 
Seattle from Alki.
Almost looks like Southern California!

It was getting close to 1:00, and I spotted a Subway. So, I stopped for lunch before continuing around the Point to the ferry.

I rode through Lincoln Park and arrived at the ferry terminal a little after 2:00. The next ferry was at 2:45, so I got a little break.
MC doesn't look so big from above!

The ferry ride was only 15 minutes, which was good because I still had a lot of miles to go. I was already at 57 miles when I got off the ferry on Vashon.

I decided to just go the most direct route I knew from one end of Vashon to the other. That was Vashon Hwy. There was a long climb from the ferry, several smaller hills, then the other long climb before going down to the Tahlequa Ferry at the other end. It was 15 miles and it took me 1:40. 

I arrived at the ferry terminal with about 20 minutes left before the next ferry. The ferry was at 5:00. Another 15 minute crossing, and all I had left to do was ride the rest of the way home. Okay, so that was quite a few more miles...and a few more climbs.

The sun was going down by the time I hit the outskirts of Lacey.
Not much further now!

I arrived home at 9:05 after more than 14 hours on the road/trails. My bike computer said...
Really, it was probably more like 105, because it's ever so slightly off. Still it was the longest mileage I've ever done in one day on a fully loaded touring bike!
Made it!!!

I think there were several factors that contributed to being able to do such a long day and feel pretty good at the end. First, it was not so hot. That is a biggie! Secondly, the variety of the ride made it interesting, and it seemed like it was broken up into sections. Each section didn't seem so long. One thing I guess I can say for sure Brooks saddle is definitely broken in!!! My butt was pretty comfortable the whole day.

So, it's done! MC and JP are just parked in the garage. I'll deal with them, and my gear tomorrow...

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