Sunday, August 9, 2015

WSBA Masters Time Trial Championships--First...In My Own Little Podium World

Does that mean I won? Oh, heck no! What it means is that I didn't get beat by any Masters 40+ Cat 4 Women who were not on TT bikes. Well, you say, that's pretty specific! But, it is reasonable, because those fortunate enough to be riding those real TT bikes, have a decided advantage. I'm not just whining here, or making excuses. It's true. Those in the know (okay, Ron), say it gives a two minute time difference. That is significant. According to the finishing times, if I had been two minutes faster, I would have finished 2nd. Instead, I finished 4th. When I told my son this, he said, "Why don't you get a TT bike?" Around here, the cost versus usage doesn't pan out. There were only 3 time trials where a TT bike could be used this year. A low end TT bike with a disc wheel would cost around $5000. Not gonna happen (I could go spend 5 weeks in New Zealand for that price!).

Anyway, as far as today's TT went, it was good. Even though she wasn't racing, Debbie picked me up and took me to Tenino. I thought that was quite nice of her! We were able to park next to Jean, and I set up my bike on the trainer right behind her. 

My start time was 9:21:00, and Jean was right behind me at 9:21:30. I arrived at the start with 2 minutes to spare which was perfect, as my legs stayed warmed up. Just before I started, I yelled back at Jean to "come and get me!"

I had a good start, and was on my aerobars quickly. I made it as far as 184th before Beth passed me. I knew she would, so wasn't surprised to hear the whoop whoop of the disc wheel come up from behind. 

I just did my best to keep my speed over 20 mph. There are some hills on Johnson Creek Rd. My speed dropped below 20 on those, but that was expected. 

I reached the turn-around, and headed back. So far, besides Beth, no one else had passed me, nor had I passed anyone. I always, for morale sake, like to pass at least one person (even though it's not required to end up with a faster time). Finally, when I was back on Skookumchuck, I saw my target. I hunkered down, and set about catching her. It took a couple of minutes, but I managed to leave her behind. 

Next, I came up on a guy just out for a day ride. As I went to pass him, a white SUV came by me very closely. I was out in the outer part of the lane, and the vehicle didn't even fully change lanes. However, from my touring experience, this did not freak me out. In fact, I figured I got a little push from the wind. 

I turned onto the last section on Northcraft Rd. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ron, and then Debbie, but mostly I was focused on finishing as quickly as possible. At the 200m sign I put my head down and didn't look up until after I saw the white line pass under my wheels. I didn't even see the clock with my time. I finished in1:07:49.61. That's over a 40km course (a little over 25 miles). The winning time was 1:05:25.41. Second place was Beth from Starbucks with 1:05:52.65. Third was 1:06:47.57. All three of those women were on TT bikes. So, in my own little podium world, I was 1st!

As Debbie had to leave for a wedding, I just poodled my way home on the trail after having a satisfying lunch at Subway. It was a good weekend of racing, and I'm glad I was able to do both. Now, it's time to turn my focus to Cyclocross! Okay, here is a photo of the new boy, "Hal Jordan".
Note his superhero gold pedals! I think he needs a Green Lantern head badge! Anyone know where I could find one of those???

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