Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Martini Ride--Shaken AND Stirred!

Tonight was my first go at cyclocross practice. A handful of the OOA Cyclocross racers met at Pioneer Park, home of the Deschutes CX race (on November 7). Bryan, our fearless leader, suggested a few warmup laps. I actually know the course...sorta. Mostly, I just followed Bryan. It's evident I don't completely know the course, because on the second lap I was behind enough to not see that they made a right...I went straight. Since it was a shortcut, I caught up to them.

As it is August, the course is dry as a bone which also means the ground is rock hard...and bumpy. After a few laps, it felt like my insides had been shaken so much that my organs were not in their original locations! I managed to stay upright, even when I tried to take one corner without braking and ended up going wide into the long, tall green grass (I just kept pedaling). I even managed to ride through the sand (should probably practice running through the sand too). 

After the laps, we practiced starts. How hard can that be, right? Turns out, it can be very hard! It's not at all like road racing starts. I'd compare it more to the start of a horse race! Crazy, out of the saddle sprinting to the first corner! A couple of times, I wasn't even clipped in before everyone else was halfway down to the first corner. Out of the several starts, I managed one decent time getting into the pedal quickly, and staying with the group. I have some work to do!

CX is really tiring, but super fun. I'm looking forward to the Women of Cross Festival this coming Saturday. I'll be doing a beginner clinic as well as a beginner race. It'll probably be another martini ride!

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