Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 2 of Epic Bike Tour

June 26, 2008: Day 2 of our Epic 4-day Bike Tour began with overcast skies. We ate a breakfast of multi-grain cereal with granola and banana. Quite tasty and filling too! Packed up the panniers and took down the tent. My little notebook list of where everything went came in handy as I was packing up my stuff. I think Kyle just stuffed everything in his panniers without much regard for organization. Seemed to work for him. I was carrying more stuff though so I needed the even weight distribution. Headed out on the road toward Port Townsend at 9:30. Didn't worry about getting an early start since we weren't going that far.

It was very scenic riding along the water even with the cloudy skies.
We took a look at Seal Rock National Park. Nice quiet campground, but no showers.
Then we started climbing up to Walker Mt.. Kyle was wondering if the hill would ever end. At least we weren't cold anymore. The ride down the other side was fun. I had taken the sleeves off my jacket near the top. Needless to say, arms were a little chilled coming down. We turned off 101 at Quilcene per Terry's directions and headed up Center Rd. I say up as it was more climbing. All the little towns are on the water so we go down to the towns then climb back up and out. After the 104 junction, the road was very rough all the way to Chimicum. I would ride out in the lane until a car would come then move back over to the rough shoulder. We called Terry in Chimicum as we were about 6 miles from his house where we were staying for the night.
We arrived at Terry's at about 12:45. After showering and starting a load of skanky-clothes laundry, Terry took us on a grand tour of Port Townsend. He was very informative.
We stayed in the "guest cottage" (the trailer). The luxury accomodations were very nice. Good sleeps were had by both of us.
Total mileage for day: 32.8 miles
Total ride time: 2:51
Total time for day: about 3:45
Average speed: 11.9 mph

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