Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 3 of Epic Bike Tour

June 27, 2008: Day 3 of our 4-day Epic Bike Tour starts with a flat tire on Kyle's bike. Must have been a slow leak because it wasn't flat yesterday when we parked our bikes. Our plan was to leave around 8:00 since it was Friday and we wanted to be sure to get a camp spot at Belfair State Park. With the flat repair, we got on the road at 8:30. Not too bad. Terry suggested we take Oak Bay Rd. to Hwy 104. It would put us right at the Hood Canal Bridge. Also, Oak Bay Rd. followed the water and was much more scenic. Still doing the rolling hills, but Kyle was getting better. We got to the bridge just as a sailboat was going through. That was great because we cruised past all the traffic and got to the front just as the bridge was opening to traffic again. Here is a picture of Kyle behind me going across the bridge.

Okay, not the best picture, but, hey, I was trying to ride at the same time! Kyle did not like the bridge so much (a fear of heights...and bridges?).

We continued south on Hwy 3. It definately started to warm up once we got away from the water. Kyle finally took his long pants off. We pulled off at Silverdale to find a place to eat our lunch. We found the Silverdale Marina and Park. Quite a lovely place for a rest and food. We had blueberry bagels (yes, bagels again...they travel well) with White Chocolate Peanutbutter (like I said, not losing weight on this trip). We filled up the water bottles and rode back to Hwy. 3 (about 1 1/2 miles). Riding through Bremerton was not too fun, but riding through Gorst was worse. At one point, we got off the highway because there was absolutely NO SHOULDER! We were able to get back on about a tenth of a mile later. Then we exited to continue on Hwy 3. We had a long climb out of Gorst. I entertained Kyle with a story of my last dreadful trip through Gorst (let's just say it was one of the worst days of my life).
We stopped in Belfair at Safeway and got some food to supplement our dinner (we bought food in Port Hadlock the night before--Parmesan cous cous and canned chicken breast). I got a bagette, some carrots and some fruit. Oh yeah, and some cocoa cranberry granola. It was only 3 miles to the park from there.
We pulled into Belfair State Park about 3:30. We got a hiker/biker site for $14.00 and we each got 2 3-min. shower tokens. The park was nice. Our site backed up to the creek. By the end of the night, most of the sites were filled, but not the hiker/biker sites. We walked down to the beach. Kyle thought the beach was pretty solid until he started walking out and squished into the mud. I declined the walk through the mud and instead waited on the grass. After the beach, we cooked our dinner then played a little DS.
Total mileage for day 3: 59.88 miles
Total ride time: 4:53
Total time for day: 7 hours
Average speed: 12.1 mph

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