Sunday, June 29, 2008

Super Biker Woman's 4-day Epic Bike Tour with eldest son--Day 1

June 25, 2008: Day 1 of our first ever 4-day Epic Bike Tour takes us from home to Dosewallips State Park. The only thing I forgot was the bananas I bought the day before. No problem. Just stopped at Safeway and bought some more. Then stopped at my favorite bakery for some goodies for the road. Chocolate chip macaroons and Rebel Mud Bars--YUM! Probably won't be losing weight on this trip!

Headed out on the highway (lookin' for adventure...) at Steamboat Island Rd. Sunny skies but still a little chilly. Cruised along Hwy 101 until Shelton where we got off for a short rest and potty stop. Back out on the Hwy. Road narrows to 2 lanes after Shelton (and less of a shoulder), but a little less traffic. Made a couple of other short stops then stopped for bagels with peanut butter and honey at Potlatch State Park. Nice little rest looking out on Hood Canal.

After Hoodsport the ups and downs really began. Seems to be about the same amount of uphills and downhills, but the downhills go by so much faster (no duh). Kyle begins to ask how many more hills there will be. Since I haven't been on this road for about 35 years, and when I was, it was in a car and I didn't pay much attention to hills (and gas was alot cheaper then), I told him I had no idea.

Stopped at Triton Cove State Park (not much to it) for a potty stop. I'm getting ready to go into the potty shack when a little girl goes in ahead of me. So I'm waiting outside as they are one seaters. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting. Then I decide I don't have to go that bad. As I walk back to the bike, another older girl walks to the potty shack, goes in and comes out. Hmmm... what happened to the other little girl? How did she get out without me seeing her since I was standing there? A mystery that remains unsolved. So, I went in (no secret exit doors).

After more ups, downs and rest stops, we pulled into Dosewallips State Park. I had camped at Dosewallips a few times as a kid. It looked nothing like I remembered. I was thinking I must have a really crappy memory of my childhood or this place is different. Kyle and I asked at the registration booth if the park had changed. Turns out they had revamped it several years ago. Whew! I don't have a crappy memory (well, about that anyway). We ate our dinner of stew and bagels and walked down to the beach.

We hit the sack after Kyle beat me in Scrabble (great little travel set I have).

Total mileage for Day 1: 67.0 miles
Total ride time: 5:25
Total time with breaks: about 7 hours

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