Monday, June 30, 2008

Final day of Super Biker Woman's Epic 4-day Bike Tour with Eldest Son

June 28th, 2008: Day 4 of our Epic Bike Tour again begins with a flat on Kyle's bike. I fixed the flat and we were on our way by 9:45 (we'll work on Kyle fixing his own flats another time). It takes longer to pack everything up when you have to take down the tent and you have to fix your own breakfast (Terry fixed breakfast for us yesterday).

We rode back to Hwy 3 and headed toward Shelton. There was only one small town between Belfair and Shelton called Allyn. Not much there. The only gas station didn't even have a public restroom. Fortunately, didn't need it quite yet. We made it to Shelton and decided to eat at a restaurant. We were looking for a Subway, but there wasn't one in Old Town Shelton so we ate at Dairy Queen. Afterward, we were both REALLY FULL. We rode slowly out of Shelton to give our food time to settle.

We got onto 101 and headed for home. We did take Kamilche Rd. off 101 and Old Olympic Hwy. just for a respite from the sun and traffic on 101. We got off at Steamboat Island Rd. and headed back down Madrona Beach Rd. One more hill of note to climb up Mud Bay Rd. We decided to go through town and come home on the Woodland Trail and Chehalis Western. It was nice to finish our tour on that which we are so familiar (plus is was very shady and cool on the trail).

Total mileage for final day: 58.38

Total ride time: 4:58

Total time for day: 6:45

Average speed: 11.6 mph

Total miles for 4 days: 218.06

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