Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Tour Number...(I've lost track)

Today's "Day Tour" took me on a road I've not been on. The wind was at my back all the way to 8th Ave. S. After turning onto 8th Ave. S., the wind was a very strong cross-wind. After a number of miles getting blown sideways, I stopped to have a look at my map. I wanted to see if 8th Ave. S. continued across Hwy. 702. According to the map, 8th Ave. S. did continue, but wouldn't take me where I needed to go. Oh well, I would turn onto 702. When I got to 702, I had another look at the map. Lo and behold, I discovered I was looking at the wrong 8th Ave. on the map. Turns out there are two 8th Aves. VERY close together. One is 8th Ave. South and the other is 8th Ave. EAST. 8th Ave. S. did continue in a way that would take me where I needed to go! So, I got to continue on in new territory (with the wind continuing to try to blow me across the road--at least it was better than a headwind)! I went by Hart's Lake and came back into McKenna. Stopped at a bakery and had a delicious piece of chocolate cake with a strawberry on top and a hot chocolate.
For a day that could have been very rainy, it was surprisingly sunny. Only got rained on a little bit on the way back in Yelm. Okay though, because I was wearing my new "Jacket of Awesomeness" (a Showers Pass jacket that I have coveted for a LONG time)!
Total miles: 67.9

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