Thursday, April 1, 2010

Must Be Visiting Day At the Prison

How else to explain the traffic on a "Primative" road? I finally rode up Bordeaux Rd. today. For a number of years now people have asked me if I've ever gone up Bordeaux Rd. A friend used to go fishing up Bordeaux (not sure where, although there is, I'm guessing here, Cedar Creek). Said he used to ride his bike up Bordeaux. Said it was quite a hill. I figured today was as good as any to check it out (okay, there could have been better days--like ones with sunshine instead of rain). I turned onto Bordeaux from Mima Rd. At first it is just a long flat straight stretch. In a couple of miles I got to Capitol Forest and not long after that a sign indicating that this is a primitive road (little signage, etc.). A few log trucks passed me (empty ones going up; loaded trucks coming down). What amazed me was the large (for a "primitive" road) number of regular cars! Some were coming down and some were going up. I continued up the road (after I stopped to put on my rain pants). There were various roads that went off of Bordeaux (by then called E Line), but I stuck to what appeared to be the main road. About 3 miles from where I had put on my rain pants, I came to the Cedar Creek Correctional Facility. There in the Visitor Parking were all the cars that had passed me. Hmmm...must have been visiting day. I road a little further until the road changed to gravel where I turned around and headed back. As for the hill? Yes, it was about a 3 mile climb. No, it was not that steep. I've done much longer and steeper climbs. However, I did enjoy the ride down. Oh yes, one other thing. When I got home and talked to my friend on the phone and told her where I went, she says, "Oh, Bordeaux Rd., isn't that where the murder was?" WHAT MURDER???? Total miles: 46 (26 of which were in the rain)

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