Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Ride (or, Feeling Like Some Hwy Riding)

Got a later start today, but that was okay because the weather just got better as the day went on. I headed to Littlerock and then on up to Mima Rd. Mima turns into Gate Rd. which turns to become Moon Rd. From Moon Rd. I worked my way back to Littlerock Rd. at Rochester. From there, I rode Hwy 12 to Grand Mound. I decided to treat myself to a chocolate dipped cone. I chose McDonalds over DQ because the McDonalds cones are 250 calories. DQ's are something like 800 calories! Funny, the 250 calorie cone tastes just as good to me!
After Grand Mound, I continued on Hwy 99 to Tenino. Except for the traffic moving faster, the road is good. Wide shoulders and smooth pavement! In Tenino I picked up the trail and rode home.
Total miles today: 59

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