Monday, April 26, 2010

Two-Thirds Dry

Today was my longest "Day Tour" this season. I went south then west through Rochester and Oakville on Hwy 12. Passed the tiny little burg of Porter (the "Entering Porter" sign could just as easily say "Leaving Porter" all on the same side of the sign). When I got to Malone (also very small, but abit bigger than Porter), I turned right onto Mox Chehalis Rd. From there it was 9 miles to McCleary. I can now say I have ridden the entire length of Mox Chehalis Rd. (Funny thing, it doesn't go to Chehalis nor to anyplace called Mox). I had lunch, as usual, at the Subway in McCleary. I've eaten there 3 times in as many months. You would think they would start to recognize the strange woman who always comes in wearing bike gear. Maybe they do and they're just not letting on. McCleary was 50 miles into the ride.
Up until McCleary, there had been no rain (weather forecast said only 20% chance of rain). When I came out of Subway, it was sprinkling just a tad. I rode back to Hwy 8. The rain continued, but not enough to wet the road. For moments of time I had an awesome tailwind. Unfortunately, it would periodically swirl around and become a ferocious headwind (such a tease). As I got closer to Olympia it started raining more. Just as I was about to exit onto Old Hwy 410 another cyclist passed me. What is this? Someone else out here in the rain? He took Old Olympic, I went down 410. 410 is faster because I got ahead of him again. Alas, he passed me. Okay, though, because I stopped at Blue Heron Bakery and had a delicious slice of Carrot bread (they call it "cake", but it's more like bread). After that, I rode the rest of the way home with a short visit at Mary Beth's. I was pretty soaked by the time I got home (should have had my "Jacket of Awesomeness" on). Oh, another thing, it must have been "Road Construction" Day. I had to stop for 4 flaggers. One guy (just after Porter) said I could go through, just stay in the lane that was closed. That was great except, the piece of machinery they were using was taking up the whole lane for a section! I had to wait for the oncoming car to go before I could get around it.
Anyway, total miles for today: 79

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