Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to Riding in the Rain

It was a good rain-free stretch of weather while it lasted, but now we're back to the rain. At least the temps are up somewhat.

After last Tuesday's hammerfest, I was thrilled to hear we were going North tonight. Plus, there were three of us women (and 6 guys--never let it be said that rain keeps the OOA Racing Team from riding!).

We did the usual ride north with Fishtrap Loop included. We rode Fishtrap in the other direction. The guys got ahead, but I kept Jean in my sight. When we got back to Libby we regrouped. We went up 81st to Zangle. I didn't hammer up it this time. Maria and I fell back, but we caught up to Jean before Boston Harbor.

I was having an increasingly difficult time seeing as my glasses kept fogging up. When the whole group took a short break as we headed out of Boston Harbor, I took the rain cover off my helmet. I had noticed if I slipped my helmet back, my glasses became clearer. I think my head was too hot with the helmet cover. It worked for awhile, but then when the guys were gone and it was just us three, we were going a little slower and my glasses fogged up again. Finally, I took them off and stowed them in my pocket. I could no longer read signs, but at least I could see 10 feet or so in front of me!

We rode the trail back. As usual, I left Jean and Maria at the turn-off to Group Health and rode the rest of the way home. Next time, even if it is raining, I will NOT wear the helmet cover! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the temps are going up and I don't even mind the rain! However, foggy glasses are annoying!

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