Saturday, January 12, 2013

Even a Flat Couldn't Put a Damper on Today!

It's days like today when I am reminded why I joined a racing team. It's FUN! It's riding with GREAT WOMEN! It''s...well...I just REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!!

We started with a brunch hosted by Lauren (I discovered an entire Dave's Killer Bread Sin Dawg will fit in my jersey pocket!). The food was great as was the conversation. We talked about the race season and ways we can train as a team to improve us newbies' skills (there are quite a few of us first-timers).

After the brunch, 11 of us headed out for a ride. We chose a route that would keep us in the sun (and out of the shady, potentially icy places) as much as possible. Not too long into the ride, I started feeling like I couldn't keep up. Trisha and I were at the front, but I was rapidly slowing down. I pulled over and, sure enough, my rear tire was low. Since it had been fine when I started out from home this morning, I figured I must have a flat. Maria stayed back with me to help fix it while the rest of the team went ahead. I found a small piece of glass had worked its way into the tire and punctured the tube. We were almost done when the team finished their circle back to us. Once the flat was repaired, we were back on the road and everything was sooooo much easier!

The rest of the ride we chatted, did a pretty decent rotating paceline, and regrouped when a few would fall off the back. In general, a very enjoyable ride.

I am looking forward to racing. I think the strategy of it will be fun. I know, above all else, I will enjoy riding with the OOA Women!

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