Tuesday, January 15, 2013

South--No, North--South--Okay...North

At first we were going to go south tonight. Debbie and I were happy. Debbie didn't want to do the hills of the north route and I like being able to head home at the bridge. As we were going up the Woodland Trail there was chatter at the front about how we should go north instead (warmer, less chance of ice). The decision was made to go north. Debbie really didn't want to go north. As we made the turn to go over to the I-5 Trail, we all came to a stop. At first we decided just us gals (Jean, Maria, Debbie, and I) would go south. Then, when we told the guys Debbie hadn't been out on the road in the dark and didn't really want to do the hills in the dark, they said we would all stick together--regroup at the top of the hills. Debbie agreed to go north.

The guys were true to their word and we all stuck together. We made it to the end of the trail. We decided to do Fish Trap Loop (this time we all did the loop). As we were coming back, I still thought we were going to go up 81st, but we stayed on Libby and then onto Woodard Bay Rd, and out to Boston Harbor Rd. That cut out a tremendous amount of the hills. The rest of the ride back into town was great. A few of the guys dropped as we got close to their houses. Jean and I left Maria and Debbie at their cars and made our way back up the trail.

North or South? Turns out, it didn't really matter. We all stuck together and it was a great ride!

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