Monday, March 4, 2013

Listening to Jiminy or...

Letting My Conscience Be My Guide

It's a sunny, albeit chilly, day. I've just come off a weekend of racing (see previous posts). What could be better than a nice easy recovery ride? I take Tessa and head out to the trail.

As I'm riding the trail just past the rise that goes under the power lines between 89th and 103rd, I pass a gal walking her bike in the other direction. I ask if she is okay. She says yes, just a flat. I keep going. Because I still have my race number zip-tied to my seat post, I have only one spare tube and CO2 cartridge in my jersey pocket instead of my whole wedge pack.

I get to 103rd and decide I don't want to do the gravel section, so I leave the trail and head out to Steadman. As I'm riding on 103rd, I start thinking I should go back and offer my tube and CO2. The gal has a ways to walk to even get to the next road. I think, but then, what if I get a flat? Jiminy (aka my conscience) says, "You can just go home. This is just a recovery ride anyway. Who knows how far that gal has to go?" So, I let my conscience be my guide and I turn around.

I catch up to her on the trail. I tell her I can fix her flat. Turns out, she has a tube and tire levers--just no pump. I offer my CO2. She introduces herself as Julie. She's not entirely sure how to change the flat (she would have figured it out though), so, together, we do it.

I offer to ride back with her just to make sure the tire holds, and all is well. It does hold and I leave her near her neighborhood. I also tell her if she wants to learn bike maintenance, I'd be happy to help. So, Julie, if you are reading this, you can email me at, or message me on Facebook--Colleen Welch (my profile pic is me at Haast Pass in New Zealand). I'll be around until March 27th--then back May 1st (don't know when in May you are moving).

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