Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One of Those Lucky Things

Tonight I was getting ready for a rainy ride with the team. I was trying out my RainLegs (a sort of a type of chaps covering the thighs, but open in the back). As I closed the garage door and started riding, I realized something was missing. Oh, no gloves. So I went back, opened the garage, and grabbed my gloves. I put them on, closed the garage again, and headed down the road.

I reached the intersection of my neighborhood and the main road. Across the main road there was a grey car sort of pulled over, and stopped in the middle of the street going into the neighborhood across from my neighborhood. As I was waiting to pull out onto the main road, I was watching the grey car, wondering what he was doing. He was sitting where I would need to go. He seemed to step on the gas and shoot ahead, still in the bike lane. Then he was up on the curb with two wheels, surging ahead. He came off the curb, but was kind of doing a jerky stop and go. Then he was back up on the side again. Traffic was slowing down giving the guy a wide berth.

He got a ways down the road. The traffic cleared enough for me to pull out. As I looked ahead, I could see the traffic was at a standstill. The grey car had gone up on the side again only this time plowing into a tree, breaking the tree off at the base. At least he was finally stopped. I was able to turn off and detour before getting to the accident. As I headed toward the trail, I could hear the sirens.

The lucky thing for me is that if I had not forgotten my gloves, I would have likely been in front of this crazy driver instead of safely behind him!

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