Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Own Snake Bite/Scorpion Prevention Tool

Dillon had class and other school stuff most of the day today, so I was on my own. That was fine because I had some things to do anyway.

First stop was REI for fuel for the stove. I had been to the Austin REI two years ago, so I knew how to get there. This time I didn't have to walk in 106 degree weather!

I find it difficult to walk into REI, get just what I need, and walk out. There are so many other wonderful things in REI! I wandered over to the women's clothing. I thought I might get another shirt that would be suitable for Dillon's orchestra concert and his recital. I found a nice REI brand short sleeve button up shirt that is UPF 50 and has side zippers that open up for ventilation. Attractive, AND functional!

So, having selected the shirt, I wandered back over to the fuel canisters and grabbed the ones I needed. On my way to the register, I walked through the "wilderness hygiene" section. I noticed they had a product I've been considering since I met a gal last summer on the Peninsula tour who had one. It's called the "Freshette". Basically, it's a tool that allows a woman to stand up to pee like a guy. Now, with all my bike tours, I'm no stranger to the "Adventure Pee". However, this tour will be my first in an area known to have such things as poisonous snakes and scorpions. I will not be wanting to venture into the bushes to take care of business. With the "Freshette", I won't have to!

After REI, I hopped across the street to Whole Foods to get a few items from their awesome bulk foods section. I was thrilled to find they had bulk unsweetened coconut! They also have every combination of trail mix known to mankind. Another cool thing about Whole Foods is that they have a bike repair station outside the store. Several stands with multi tools available for anyone to use!

I returned to Dillon's apartment and unloaded my purchases. Next up was checking off an Austin Subway for lunch. I looked on Google Maps to see where the nearest Subway was. I put the panniers back on and threw in a couple of grocery bags so I could go to HEB after lunch and get groceries for Dillon.

Back on Betsy, I rode out to HEB and stocked up on groceries. I managed to get everything on Betsy. Both front panniers were full and the two grocery bags were also pretty full. I bungy-corded the bags onto the rear rack and carefully rode back to the apartment.

I hauled Betsy back up to the apartment and called it a day. Dillon got back a few hours later and I fixed us some dinner.

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