Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Returning to my Roots

This blog is called Super Biker Woman's Bike TOURING. Some of you reading this might have forgotten. What am I saying???--I've almost forgotten! Well, all that changes in two weeks! Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed sharing my group riding and racing experiences, but I am looking forward to returning to this blog's roots. Two weeks from today!

Yep, in two weeks Betsy and I will be flying to Austin, Texas. We'll meet up with Christian and his, still un-named, steed for a tour I'm calling the "Classical to Rock 'n Roll Tour". It is bookended by a few days in the Hill Country and a few days with my half sister outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. First up will be a UT Orchestra concert that my son, Dillon, will be playing in. Then a short 4 days of riding in the Hill Country before returning to Austin for Dillon's Junior Year Solo Violin Recital. The morning after the recital we will point our wheels east and start pedaling the rest of the way across Texas to the Mississippi River. We'll pick up the Mississippi River Trail and follow it to Memphis, Tennessee. After we check out all things Elvis, Christian will head back to Germany, and I will continue on to a little town on the other side of Little Rock to see Kim and Gary. I'll be heading home May 1st from Little Rock.

Usually, with two weeks to go, I'm itching to get everything loaded into the panniers (okay, everything is usually ALREADY packed!). However, this racing thing has kept me well occupied, both mentally and physically. Today I set the racing thoughts aside for the afternoon and spent it preparing Betsy. She is all cleaned up, folded, bubble-wrapped, and placed in her flight bag.

I'm sure the next two weeks are going to go by quickly. Even with the two races I have left before I go, I'm sure I'll take some time to pull out my touring gear and get it all packed up. In two weeks I'll be back to blogging about my touring adventures! I'm getting excited!

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