Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 29--Back in Time, and Back to Swiftwater!

I am retracing my route today going from Zim's back to Swiftwater RV Park. Only, this time, instead of almost all uphill, it was almost all downhill! Needless to say, it was much easier!

I woke up this morning to more fog in the valley.
By the time I left (a little after 8:00), most of the fog had burned off. It was still a little chilly, so I had the sleeves on my jacket. 

I thought I remembered more uphill (downhill on my way to McCalÅ‚) before beginning the downhill all the way to Riggins and beyond. I was wrong. There was very little uphill before I started the 25+ miles of downhill to Riggins. It was wonderful! It just kept going and going! 

At the turn for Pollock Rd, I just decided to stay on the highway. I'm not sure why ACA goes on Pollock, except to get you off the highway for a bit. The highway had plenty of shoulder, and it also had a very nice rest stop. 
I enjoyed this rest stop even though I was going downhill. I would have really appreciated it when I was going uphill! 

I came into Riggins, but had no reason to stop, so I continued on down. I stopped to take this photo as I returned to the Pacific Time Zone.
Funny, on a day where I am mostly going downhill, I gain an hour!

Then I saw these rafters.
I took this from the bridge in the previous photo.

I also went past this old entrance to a mine.
It's right on the highway.

Once again, I stopped at Fiddle Creek Farmstand (and oh so much more). This time I had a second mid-morning snack (since my morning just became an hour longer) of pie and rootbeer. This time, I found there were tables in the back, so I didn't have to sit on the ground outside like last time (I know I know, I could have pulled out my chair).

The rest of the ride to Swiftwater was uneventful except that even for the few uphills, I decided to try to not get into the small ring. I was successful! I just kept telling myself it was nowhere near as steep as the climbing on the dirt had been.

I arrived at Swiftwater about 12:30 (PST). I told Duane (him and Anna are the owners) I wanted to drop my trailer and ride to the jet boat place to see about a ride into Hell's Canyon tomorrow. So, I went over to my same awesome little spot overlooking the river. I unhooked the trailer and took the bags off the Anything cages. It was very wobbly at first without the weight! But, boy howdy, was it a lot easier going up the hills!!! 

I rode the 1/2 mile to the jet boat place. I talked to a couple who will be on the boat tomorrow. They were mistakenly also camping there (Swiftwater is much nicer and much much cheaper). When I went into the office, the same gal was working there from last time I came through. She remembered me. Unfortunately, the boat was full for tomorrow. But, since she knew this was the second time I had tried to do a jet boat ride, she said to give her some time and she would see if she could get me on the boat. I returned to Swiftwater to set up my tent. Barb and Harry were back. We looked over my map as they wanted to see where I had gone. Then they asked if I would like a sandwich. Of course I wouldn't turn that down! While I set up my tent, they prepared lunch. Then we had a nice lunch where I ate two sandwiches and a bunch of broccoli! I also had rootbeer...with ICE in it! It was all delicious and very nice of them! 

Instead of riding back over to the place, Duane had the brilliant idea to call them. Anna had the number, and...I get to do the jet boat tomorrow!!! I will ride over to them and be there at 9:00. A shuttle will pick me up and go to the place where the boat is.

Now I have showered, and am actually doing laundry in the washing machine. I really needed to wash most everything. I'm even wearing my rain shorts, as my only off the bike pants were in dire need of washing (28 days is a long time to go without washing an article of clothing you've worn everyday).

I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow...and, of course, the jet boat ride!

Total miles today: 61.4
Average speed: 12.6!!!

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Anna3154 said...

Thanks for returning to our little piece of heaven here on the Salmon River, just outside of White Bird, ID....and on the Adventure Cyclist 'Transamerica Route'. It was nice to meet you this time!

I enjoy your pics, and commentary. What a great way to keep track of your trip, to remember all the meaningful details, and to share with family, friends, and 'new' friends.

Can't wait to hear and see notes & pics from the jet boat tour in awesome Hells Canyon on the Snake River.

Anna and Duane
Swiftwater RV Park