Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 38--A For Real Rest Day!

We leave tomorrow for the cabin, so today has been a rest day. So much so, that every time I've sat down, I've ended up falling asleep! 
Okay, not really asleep here, but I'm sure that's what I've looked like. 

We did have to give the dog a bath because she smelled like skunk. Not that she had been sprayed, but she had probably nosed around in the bushes where the skunk had been. Problem was, Annette didn't have enough, or the right ingredients, for any of the methods of deskunking a dog. She had hydrogen peroxide, but not enough. She had vinegar, but not cider vinegar. So, we thought the hydrogen peroxide method might work because Pearl wasn't completely skunked. Well, it didn't. So, Nic went and got more peroxide, and Pearl is now getting her second deskunking. 

I have to say, it has been nice having a day of truly resting. Tomorrow we'll be off to Chapter 4--A Week at the Cabin. 

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