Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 36--Goodbye Idaho, Hello Washington, Hello Idaho Again

Last night it was too late for me to write this post, so I'm doing it this morning as I sit in the beautiful kitchen of my friend Carla's house. Yes, that's right, I slept in an actual bed, in a house last night!

After leaving Beauty Creek yesterday, I only had 2.5 miles until the junction with I-90. When I did this part before, I remembered getting on I-90 for a short bit then getting on the Centennial Trail. Well, both Google maps and my Garmin had me cross I-90, and go on Yellowstone Trail Rd. So, I did. Again with climbing! Of course Yellowstone goes up and over!
That's I-90 below as I am climbing up Yellowstone.

It thought it was okay. I had plenty of time as I didn't want to arrive at Carla's until 3:30, and it was only 36 miles. I got to the top of the first hill, and the road turned to gravel. That, too, was okay (although, I realized why the Tour d' Lac did not come this way). I came down, around the end of another lake (can't remember the name), and began climbing again. As I got part way up the next hill, I came to a road called Molsted Ln. This rang a bell, even though Garmin was saying to continue on Yellowstone. I pulled out my phone. Sure enough, Google had me turning on Molsted and going down to pick up the Centennial Trail. Yippee.....except there was that "Dead End" sign...nah, there must be a way through for bikes. Down the gravel road I went...straight to the dead end trail...nothing...*sigh*...once again Google fails me. I apologized to Garmin for shutting him down, and restarted him. 

I returned to Yelłowstone, and continued climbing. As I began to come down, I saw another road (you are questioning my sanity...right?) I looked on the Garmin. This road appeared to go down to the road that the Centennial Trail went alongside. There was no dead end sign. I went down. Sure enough, it came down to the trail. I said a little, "Ah ha, there you are Centennial Trail!" Of course, not 100 feet down the trail, Yellowstone Rd. also came down to the trail. Oh well...

Finally on the trail.

I rode into Couer d'Alene. I was hoping to go by a bakery or a Starbucks, but no. I continued through on the trail (I was too lazy to get off the trail and find one). The trail went by...I think...North Idaho College, then continued out of Couer d'Alene. I finally stopped and ate a Payday bar as I wasn't going by anyplace where I could buy something.

I rode through Post Falls, where the trail is on the roads, and one has to be careful to watch the signs (a guy at a park in CDA had warned me about this section). I didn't miss any, and was soon back on the bike path. 

The trail is not exactly flat. However, there are signs letting you know exactly what percentage grade is coming (only for downhill though).
An example.

I reached the State Line rock. Strangely, there was a helicopter hovering not far from the trail.
There was a line dangling below.
A State Line selfie.
A nice welcome.

I took the opportunity to check in with Google (I had forgiven his earlier transgression) to see where I would be getting off the Centennial Trail to go to Carla's. It was a good thing I did, because I switched to the Liberty Lake Trail not much further. 
I rode this trail to the next road.

Once I was on the road, I thought I would look for a Subway and have some lunch (and kill more time). Of course, I couldn't find one. But, I did find a lovely cafe called Twisp that had delicious crepes. I had a savory one called Tuscan that had chicken, pesto, tomato, artichoke, and balsamic. It was quite tasty. 

I consulted Google again to see that I had just 5 more miles to go. It was about 2:00. Still early, but one can only sit at a restaurant for so long. I continued on my way. What do you suppose I saw not a mile down the road? A Subway...oh well, my lunch was much better than Subway!

I made it to Carla's without any problems. Shortly after, she arrived home. We haven't seen each other for a long time, so we had some catching up to do. Then it was a great shower (you know...the best shower ever!!!) where I washed my hair for the first time in 10 days. 

We decided to go to dinner. But where? Carla said we could go to...Couer d'Alene! So, I went back to Idaho! We went to the CDA Resort (where I had ridden by that morning). We had superb dinners! Carla treated which was way too nice!

Back at the house we said our goodnights. Carla had to be up at the butt-crack of dawn for work. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of us. I guess I'll have to come back again...

Now, I'm off to Annette's in Colbert (28 miles according to...Google).

Total miles: 40.1
Average speed: 8.9

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Anonymous said...

What will I read over my coffee 'n bagel when you're back? Anyway,wow -- Google maps is male?? I'd never really thought about it, but not that I do I'm not sure on that one. My vibe on GM is more older female camp counselor...

Love your posts and pics!
Amy S.