Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 1- EPIC Ride with Kyle

After 53 miles and a wee bit of rain, we have arrived at our first night's destination- Twanoh State Park on Hood Canal. The ride was good. We ran into rain showers as we were coming into Shelton. After riding for awhile, we decided it wasn't going to stop any time soon so we put our rain gear on. After about 2 hours the rain quit and we were able to put away the raingear. Well, I did. Kyle left his on.
There were no major challenges today except Kyle did not like the big descent to Hwy 106. I thought it was fine, but we did have to stop rather abruptly at the bottom (it was either stop or sail across 106 and land in Hood Canal).
It is windy here, but we are camped on the water so it's pretty. I guess that's it for today! It appears I can't put photos in from my phone. Too bad!

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