Wednesday, May 27, 2009

O' Granny Gear O' Granny Gear!

O' granny gear O' granny gear, we have become so familiar...
Today was a very hilly day! I used my granniest of granny gears twice. Following the map through Bremerton was tricky and everytime we had to make a turn, of seemed like we were going straight up! Kyle has decided he doesn't like Bremerton. Of course, it didn't help that we went down this huge hill only to find out that the road was closed at the bottom! Would have been nice if the sign had been back up the hill! Anyway, we returned up the hill and asked a guy if he knew how to get to Hwy 3 from where we were. He told us to go about 3/4 up the hill and we would see a park on the left. We were to turn into the park and go through to Hwy 3. We assumed he meant the hill we were on (you know what happens when you assume). So we continued back up the hill. We noticed a left turn. Since we were almost to the top, we figured that must be it (no signs of a park however). Well, it wasn't. So back out we went and thought we would just keep going until we saw a park. As we were about 3/4 the way up the NEXT hill, lo and behold, there was the park! We rode through, just like the guy said, and came out to Hwy 3. We got on the hwy and got off at the next exit. We were back on the route! Our little detour took us about 4 miles out of our way.
So now we are at Kitsap Memorial State Park. I took my shower and found out that you CAN dry off with a bandana (thanks Patrick!!) as I forgot my towel.


Julie Voorhees said...

Oh NO if you had to use your granny gear then I'm turning blaze in and get something with more gears!!

Amy said...

The bandanna works, but so does this HEAT!!!! Keep drinking your water girl!!!