Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 6--Ahhh luxury!!

We have arrived in Sedro Woolley. We started out with a ferry ride back to Anacortes at 11:00am. There were probably close to 40 bikes on the ferry. A bunch of kids had ridden around the island yesterday and were going back to Anacortes. Anyway, the bikes were all piled up just like when we came over. This time, however, we were the last to get on as Lopez was the last stop before Anacortes. When we got to the dock, we had to wait for the cars to go first. Some poor guy has a dead battery. There were still about 4 cars behind him. They let us go ahead.
We stopped at Safeway and replenished our food selection. Now we have some rice dishes, some tuna and chicken and a precooked pasta dish. We should be good over the North Cascades. Today's interesting experiance was going on the Padilla Bay Shore Trail. Nice trail, except we couldn't fit our bikes with the panniers through the gate. We had to take everything off push the bikes through then load everything back on. Then not a half mile down the trail, I had a flat tire. I had to take everything off the bike again to change the flat. Bummer!!! After that, we had a pretty flat ride the rest of the way into Sedro Woolley.
Tonight we are staying at the Three Rivers Inn. We decided since we didn't have showers last night and I have a slight cold, we would splurge on beds and showers that can be longer than 3 minutes!!! We also decided we should probably do what laundry we have as the laundry options may be slim. The problem is they don't have laundry here. Well, no big deal. I have some Tide sink packets that worked just fine.
Now we are hungry and are going to have pizza for dinner!!! And salad!!! And we won't have to do dishes in cold water at a faucet. And, best of all we get to sleep in a real bed tonight!!! Ahhhhh...the luxury of it all!!!


Julie Voorhees said...

yes, I think you both deserve a nice comfortable bed tonight. Sleep tight

Maximilien said...

I hope you're having a good time there !

Amy said...

Sorry you have a cold. Glad you got a nice hot shower and comfy bed!!