Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 7 Observations after 7 days on the road

Today is our 7th day riding. After one full week, I have a few observations.
--Signs that say "Road Work" are ok. Signs that say "Road Closed" are NOT ok.
--Bandanas make for effective towels if one forgets to take the towel to the shower.
--Hiker/Biker sites are seldom close to restrooms and water.
--When camping in "Marine" campsites one relishes the sun. In the mountains, one relishes the shade.
--You can't tell how the ground slopes until you lay your tent footprint down.
--It is amazing what foods you are willing to combine to save dishes.
--A "sink" bath with only cold water can be very refreshing after a long day in the sun.
--If the day is 30 miles, you're ready to be done at 29. If the day is 66 miles, you are ready to be done at 59.
--It might me wise to check a new tube for holes before you put of ok your bike.
--And finally, a night in a real bed is awesome before a long day on the bike.

As for today, it was 66.6 miles. Our longest day so far and for the rest of the trip (assuming no detours). We started the day before even before leaving the hotel with 2 flats (same tire). I put the spare tire on as I couldn't figure out why the tore was going flat. No problems after that.
We are camped at Newhalem Campground tonight. The weather is still warm at 6:30pm. It is supposed to be warm the rest of this week. It is amazing the weather we have had! Tomorrow will be up and over the thinks some climbing is involved.


Julie Voorhees said...

my question is "are you having a good time?" Now I'm getting nervous

Joyce said...

you are inspiring me, Colleen--or maybe scaring me before our ride in July!! Keep up your good humor in spite of flats--Joyce

gallison1980 said...

A few more reasons to ride my scooter. Sounds like you are having a deeply moving experience. I love all of the wisdom you have gained and shared.

Amy said...

So Colleen, while reading your top 10 list I thought of you as a cowgirl. I expect all pointers would still apply. I am soo glad you have had such great weather. I went out to Tenino today, miss ya!