Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just so you don't think I haven't been riding...

Since I finished the trip with Kyle, you may be wondering if I have just been resting on my laurels (or at least the couch). But, no, I have been riding. I've done a couple of good rides with Julie in prep for our 13 day trip down the coast (was 12 days, but an opportunity for a good rest in real beds and a meal cooked for us has necessitated the extra day). The other rides have been training for the STP in one day. Leandra and I did a nice 93 mile ride a couple of Saturdays ago. The wind was abit nasty until we were headed back, but the ride was good. Then this last Saturday, Dayle, Leandra and I did a little ride to Westport and back. It was just shy of 160 miles and we did it with a ride time of 9 hours and 15 minutes. Our actual time on the road was 12 1/2 hours. Our average speed was 17.3 mph. I am happy with that time as I think we will do just fine on the STP. I had one flat tire as did Leandra. It rained on us some, but overall the weather was not too bad. I spent alot of time on the aerobars. They really do speed things up! I do need to do some pushups to strenghthen my arms as that is what was tired (legs were good).
Now, I'll just be doing some shorter rides up to the STP. After that it's down the coast! I'll be back to the daily blogging once we start that trip.

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