Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 12--Update

I did the last post while we were waiting for the park registration booth to open. Well, 3:30 rolled around so we rode back over to the booth. A park staff person came over and asked if we needed something. I said, "Yes, we would like a hiker/biker campsite." she said they don't have them that they usually put cyclists in a regular tent site and all the tent sites were full. So, she had nothing for us. I told her that was not good and that since this is a state park there must be someplace we could stay. She said she was unable to
make that call. I asked where the ranger was and she said he would be in later, but she didn't know when. Also, the other ranger was at the other park (what park THAT is, I don't know). I was about to ask her if she could call the ranger when she went into the booth and did that. Curiously, I heard her say, "Should I just send them on?" I thought to
myself, send us on? Where does she think we are going to go?!! Anyway, after talking with the ranger, a site turned up (a regular site no less!!). So we are all set up in site 18 (complete with water and electricity). The wind is still blowing. It is, however, doing a good job of drying my hair (which I was able to wash in addition to the rest of me using only one shower token good for 3 minutes. I'm good!!).

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