Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 14--Nice comfy beds here we come!

Today we can hear the hotel beds calling before we even leave Mineral Springs! We packed everything up and rolled across the street for breakfast at the same place we ate dinner last night. Kyle had two pancakes the size of a large dinner plate. Even he couldn't eat it all! After breakfast, we had a nice 6 mile downhill (let that breakfast settle abit). Then we had a rather lengthly climb. From the top, it was downhill all the way to Ellensburg (16 miles). We stopped at Wendy's and had Frostys. After that we headed into the Yakima River Canyon. From there it was about 28 miles through the canyon. Not alot of services--no water (except the fast flowing Yakima River). We pulled into Selah and were trying to figure out how to get to the hotel. The Selah Fire Chief walked up and asked us where we were trying to go. Now, lest you me wondering why the fire chief just happened to be walking by, there had been an accident just ahead that was cleaned up. We told the chief we were looking for the Days Inn in Yakima. He told us how to get there then told us a new place called the North Park Lodge had just opened and it was right ahead of us. We decided that would be a great idea! The chief told us to tell the clerk that he had sent us. When we get home, I'll let Adventure Cycling know there is a nice place just off the route. I'm doing laundry and I have taken a fabulous shower! I'm so looking forward to a comfy night's sleep!

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Amy said...

Comfy bed sleep! I really like the sound of that!